Friday, December 7, 2012

Upgrading from IntelliJ 11 to IntelliJ 12

When I installed IntelliJ 12, I chose to import settings from the IntelliJ 11 install.

Note: I did not uninstall IntelliJ 11, yet.

Next, run sbt and on the sbt console, run update and then gen-idea

Every time I opened IntelliJ 12 it would pop up a few annoying notifications about the fact that I had not configured Android development plugins.

So, I uninstalled IntelliJ 12 and chose not to import settings.

Now, the problem was that none of my Scala source files had Scala syntax coloring.  Then, I got a popup griping about the fact that the Scala facets were not installed/configured.

So, I got the IDEA Scala Plugin for IntelliJ 12 (see URL below), went to IntelliJ Preferences | Plugins and clicked the "Install plugin from disk..." button.

Preferences Modifications

Change the color theme in IntelliJ Preferences | Appearance to the new Darcula theme

Change Tab Size (and Indent) to 2 spaces in Code Style | General

Check Editor | Appearance "Show line numbers"


Get IntelliJ 12 here:

Get latest Scala Plugin for IntelliJ here:

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