Sunday, December 16, 2012

TextMate-like Recording of Macros using Sublime Text2

Today, I tried to record a macro and noticed that both the Tool | Record Macro  and the Tools | Playback Macro  menu options both had CTL+Q as their key binding, which made recording and playing back macros not fun.

So, I decided to change the key binding to that which my trusty TextMate editor uses.

However, the Preferences menu option for ST2 was disabled.

After mucking around for a minute, I decided to uninstall ST2 and do a clean install.

That worked nicely.

I then went to ST2 | Preferences | Key Bindings - Default and changed the key bindings for the following, from "ctrl+q" and "ctrl+shift+q" to "super+alt+m" and "super+shift+m" for toggle_record_macro and run_macro, respectively.

{ "keys": ["super+alt+m"], "command": "toggle_record_macro" },
{ "keys": ["super+shift+m"], "command": "run_macro" },

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