Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rietveld and Other Code Review Tools


Rietveld is a web application that manages the process of code reviews for software projects with large developer communities.

Rietveld is used today by developers of the standard distribution of the following:
  • Go (Golang)
  • Python
  • Chromium browser

Follow Golang Development

If you want to follow Go development on Rietveld, go to: golang-dev

In this example, I clicked the first issue, Issue 13454043: os/user: group lookup functions


os/user: group lookup functions

Adding group lookup functions analogous to the user lookup ones to the
os/user package.
Updates issue 4589049.

Comments for src/pkg/os/user/lookup.go

Below, we see two comments:

bradfitz 2014/01/16 18:43:36
In reports whether ...

bradfitz 2014/01/16 18:43:36
let's leave this one out for now.  We can add it later if needed.  Also, the
return type is weird ([]string) ... why not []*User?

Otherwise this should clarify that it returns userids, not users.

Code and Comments for "group lookup functions" Issue


Rietveld is an effective code review tool for a large development community and it's great for groking Golang code and learning from code review comments.

However, when it comes to a typical development team, Github is good enough Typicial Github Workflow:
  1. Developer pushes changes to Github
  2. Developer creates pull request (PR) to team (sometimes needs to nudge reviewers)
  3. Reviewer accepts changes in PR and merges code from PR

Github Code Review Alternatives

Other code review alternatives include:


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