Friday, March 28, 2014

Go language IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Support for Go programming language.(see

Release notes for version 0.9.15
The plugin provides the following features:
  • Basic language parsing and highlighting
  • Code folding and Brace matching
  • Comment/Uncomment (Single/Multiple line) support
  • Go application file and library generation.
  • Auto completion of sdk package names and/or local application packages.
  • Compilation of the go applications (supported semantics are similar to those of gobuild)
  • Native plugin code formatter
  • GoTo class (go types) implementation
  • ColorsAndSettings page with a new color scheme
  • Completion/Resolution of vars/types/functions/structs/methods (works across some expression chains).
  • Refactorings: Introduce variable/constant
  • Inspections: Unused imports/variables/constants/parameters/symbols
  • Inspections: Validate the format param for the fmt.Print suite of functions
  • Inspections: Detect non constant expression used in constant declarations
  • Intentions: Invert if condition/Merge nested 'if's/Split into 2 'if's/Convert switch statement to if chain.
  • Intentions: Convert between interpreted string and raw string.
  • Intention: go get a package.
  • Intention: Add/Remove parentheses.
  • Intention: Move simple statement out.
  • Inspection: Validate that the package names in files are correct with respect of the folder name.
  • Documentation for functions, methods, variable, constants and types.
  • Function parameter information.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T to jump between source file and test file.
  • Navigation from stack trace in output panel.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter to add curly brackets for "func", "if" and "for" statements.
  • Live templates: "sout", "souf", "soutm" and "soutp".
  • Go aware imports optimizer and auto import generator
  • Import usage highlighting (and detecting of wrong imports)
  • Better Structure view
  • Automatically add new line at end of file
  • Force UTF-8 encoding for go files
  • Detection of bundled Go Sdk packages (useful when deployed as GoIde)
  • Run configuration creator (right click on a program file and you can run it).
  • Go SDK (Go 1.2 on linux/mac/windows)
  • Go module type
  • Go App engine sdk type
  • Go App engine credentials safe storage
  • Added go application wizard
  • Makefile based build system (bring your own Makefile). Experimental. Configured in project settings.
  • Always use tabs instead of spaces (but configurable if desired).
  • go fmt integration via Tools -> Go menu options (default CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F for file and CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G for project)

Change Notes

Fix project creation in multiple IntelliJ products.


Plugin homepage


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