Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Run Specific Rspec Tests Under Specific Directory

You can run specific rspec tests under a specific directory by
  • specifying the directory
  • using an rspec tag option

For example, if you want to run model specs that you've tagged as work in progress (wip) do the following:

Add tag to spec

require 'spec_helper'

describe HomeController do
  it "Logs in Person with non-blank name", :lex_tag => 'wip' do
    person = Factory(:Person, name: "non-blank name")
    get :login
    response.should redirect_to(people_path)
  it "does not log in Person with blank name" do
    person = Factory(:Person, name: "") # blank name
    get :login
    response.should redirect_to(root_path)

Run spec like so

$ be rspec --pattern spec/models/*_spec.rb --tag lex_tag:wip

In this example, we are running model specs that do not have a tag named ":lex_tag" with a value of "wip"


By specifying the directory, you limit the number of specs to run to a logical grouping.

By using rspec tags, you can be very specific about which individual tests you run.


  • You can negate a tag using the "~" character
  • To be compatible with the Cucumber syntax, tags can optionally start with a @, that will be ignored. Example: @lex_tag
  • There is nothing special about "lex_tag", you can name your tag nearly anything, but using a name allows multiple developers to annotate without confusion.
  • You would not want to check specs into your source code repository that had tag names that referenced individuals
  • You might want to use tags to group specs according to other user acceptance testing criteria or perhaps tag tests for particular server deployment environments
  • So, tags can be used to group specs, not by static folder directories but by any criteria you wish


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