Thursday, January 17, 2013

irb Console for Cucumber and Working Example

Most folks run cucumber features in their entirety from the command line.

Have you ever wanted to run individual steps interactively?

I'll tell you how in this blog posting...

Install the crb

crb is an irb console for cucumber world.

gem install crb

crb Documentation

  An irb console for cucumber world

  * Can define steps interactively
  * Can execute steps interactively like debugger
  * Can share cuke world and irb context in a same object
  * Can see instance variables of step files via irb
  * Supported hooks (but only before/after without parameters)
  * Supported World methods

Run crb 
$ cd to_root_of_your_project
$ crb

irb(CRB:3):001:0> Given "I have entered 3"
Undefined step: "I have entered 3"
=> #<Cucumber::Undefined: Undefined step: "I have entered 3">

irb(CRB:3):002:0> Given "I have entered 3 into the calculator"
=> [3]

irb(CRB:3):005:0> Given "I have entered 5 into the calculator"
=> [3, 5]

irb(CRB:3):006:0> Then "I press add"
=> 8

irb(CRB:3):007:0> @calc
=> #<Calculator:0x007fa7da9d0768 @args=[3, 5]>

irb(CRB:3):008:0> @calc.push 1
=> [3, 5, 1]

irb(CRB:3):009:0> Then "I press add"
=> 9

irb(CRB:3):010:0> Then "I press divide"
=> 0.6

Project Files


Feature: Addition
  In order to avoid silly mistakes
  As a math idiot 
  I want to be told the sum of two numbers

  Scenario Outline: Add two numbers
    Given I have entered <input_1> into the calculator
    And I have entered <input_2> into the calculator
    When I press <button>
    Then the result should be <output> on the screen

    | input_1 | input_2 | button | output |
    | 20      | 30      | add    | 50     |
    | 2       | 5       | add    | 7      |
    | 0       | 40      | add    | 40     |


# encoding: utf-8
begin require 'rspec/expectations'; rescue LoadError; require 'spec/expectations'; end 
require 'cucumber/formatter/unicode'
$:.unshift(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../../lib')
require 'calculator'

Before do
  @calc =

After do

Given /I have entered (\d+) into the calculator/ do |n|
  @calc.push n.to_i

When /I press (\w+)/ do |op|
  @result = @calc.send op

Then /the result should be (.*) on the screen/ do |result|
  @result.should == result.to_f


class Calculator
  def push(n)
    @args ||= []
    @args << n
  def add
    @args.inject(0){|n,sum| sum+=n}

  def divide
    @args[0].to_f / @args[1].to_f

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